A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is the 2.5D classic horror game. Keep an eye on what's going on in the Castle. It won't let you go easily.

WASD to move, mouse to aim

Spacebar to speak with other characters

Left click (or "E") to select

Right click to exit the UI

ESC for options menu 


Phylum.zip 63 MB
Phylum.app.zip 66 MB

Development log


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Very wise choice of visual style. These low-rez scenes are giving me thrills for no reason, and I'm afraid that things will pop up behind me when I'm opening the doors -- in fact, they did.
The game features an playable loop, an ending that makes sense, and several amazing puzzles. I love the perspective one! Maybe you wanna make some more that's more difficult when expanding this game, because it keeps the player's momentum.

Problems: The two letters in left/right rooms are the same! Also, it's hard for me to trigger the dialogues with the characters.

In the ending scene, the pink bear seemed to have turned into a scary look, but I could not see it very clearly because of the low pixels.

Looking forward to see your updates!

This game was really awesome. Not only I am a big fan of the pixilated "shader simulator", but also love the level design. The hint provided by the (#%&()#&@%@#& on the 2#)&@%*328974156 really got me, and I would love to see more of those great ideas on level design.

The light switch mechanic adds to the horror of the game. Making me tide up and brace for a jump scare. The note in darkness pops up is pretty obvious, I believe there is no need for notes.  

I do want to see more connection between those characters, or the character's connection to the level. A good complete storyline will make the psychological horror rise to another level! 

Also, I can move between inside the walls on the second floor. 

now THIS, was truly awesome. You all nailed the aesthetic choices that were inspired by your references from the presentation! One choice that really sold the horror was the juxtaposition of these cute characters in an eerie mansion that feels haunted.


As a horror game, this game is a good example on how to manifest fear through less conventional approach. The aesthetics of the game are very well polished. Even though it's in low resolution pixelated art styles, the image of the game is very coherent and  articulated, that which won't disorient the players, but definitely does distress the players with unsettling responses under its horror settings. I especially adore the perspective puzzle, as it is a well demonstrated example of how to utilize a virtual and 3D space to its creative potential. 

I personally hate horror games since I'm terrified of them. But I like the fact that this is not a pure jumps scare linear horror game. I love that it's somewhat like Amnesia, in which the player needs to solve puzzles in order to progress. And I think a lot of the puzzles are cleverly done. Also, I godda talk about the aesthetics. The pixelated effect flows very well with the horror theme of the game. And I love how the slightly cartoonish and at the same time, realistic graphics, is very consistent and has a sense of eeriness to them. Also, I think that having the bunny constantly stare at you throughout the game is what really sells the horror element of the game. I always found myself looking back at the bunny constantly, afraid that it will do something terrible if I don't check on it.